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Staff Augmentation
Are you in need of highly skilled professionals to ramp up your recently launched technology testing project? ACC offers some of the most talented testing resources in the industry.

At ACC, we pride ourselves on the premise that we are not a technology staffing firm – we are a technology development QA testing firm. We can provide the best QA testing talent in the industry because we know what it takes to be successful in this industry. We don’t just match your QA requirements to a list of resumes, we provide individuals from among our tested and trusted full-time staff that not only meet your technical requirements, but match the style and personality of your work environment.

We won’t flood you with resumes; we provide the names of a few of our employees that can do the work well. These professionals are tested in QA and meet our high QA standards reducing the time you spend qualifying and ultimately lowers your risk.

Team Incubation
Occasionally our clients define the need for staff augmentation but do not have the time or resources available to train, ramp up and manage the day to day deliverables a new hire requires. Whether the defined need is primarily for support or new QA project work, ACC offers QA Team Incubation Services to quickly provide the defined testing resource(s) as well as training and hands on mentoring from ACC’s in-house team of experts. The process allows clients the ability to develop new resources without the responsibility for training them with essentially no risk. Once the project is underway, and the heavy lifting is managed, the resource can transition to a permanent employee at the discretion of the client.

Permanent Technical Recruiting

Many of our clients tell us that one of their primary challenges is the difficulty in hiring quality technical resources to help them grow their business. In response to the current market conditions, we have leveraged our strength in the industry to bring you some of the most talented QA IT personnel in the industry. ACC’s dedicated team of technical recruiters locates, interviews face-to-face, and technically assesses candidates all before presenting them to our clients for consideration.

We are different than a typical recruiting firm you may have worked with in the past; we are a QA testing company with a dedicated, highly productive recruiting department. We know how to hire technology professionals because we are a technology company. ACC provides a variety of Recruiting Solutions for our clients to fit their specific resource needs. In the event that our standard recruiting services do not fit your business needs, we work with you to develop the best solution for your particular requirements. Our most popular recruiting solutions include:

Temp-to-perm: When the most qualified candidate is identified, the resource is brought on board on a 13-week temp-to-perm basis. Salary details are worked out with the future employer up front and at the end of the 13 week period, the resource becomes a full-time employee at the discretion of the client. There are no up-front or back-end fees, simply an hourly rate for the temporary 13 week period.

Permanent Placement: If you wish to hire a permanent resource from the start, we can provide the same quality recruiting service for a one-time fee, based on a percentage of the salary requirement.
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