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ACC is at the leading edge of quality for technology – driven organizations. Whether your business produces information technology products or leverages IT for internal productivity, ACC can leverage knowledge, processes and expertise to enable you to gain a competitive edge.

With over 20 years of experience in mobile testing, ACC has tested a range of industry leading breakthrough mobile devices and applications for leading carriers, device manufacturers and enterprises nationwide.

Our objective is to help you internalize "Quality Management" processes as an integral part of the organization – and translate your investment in Quality into business results.

                                       Mobile Testing Services

-Mobile is booming, and that's a good thing! But with multiple operating systems and thousands of mobile devices on the market, how can you be sure your app works everywhere, every time and for everyone?

-ACC brings you in-the-wild testing with real testers on real devices out in the real world to help you find the issues and defects your users are likely to encounter during everyday use.
  • Device Testing
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Functional and Performance Test Automating
                                         SOA Testing Services

-The nature of SOA-based applications calls for testing strategies and a toolset that includes different approaches to testing. Traditional testing strategies that were used before may not be adequate to test these SOA-based systems anymore. Even though they may not be sufficient, there are some open source and commercial tools to aid some part of testing SOA-based applications. However, there are no evaluation criteria in place to assess these tools and find out if they provide the facilities that are needed to fully test SOA-based applications.

-The SOA Testing series of events explore issues related to the testing of SOA-based applications. SOA Testing research builds upon recent work initiated by CMU/SEI on migrating legacy systems to a SOA environment using the Service-Oriented Migration and Reuse Technique (SMART). Of particular interest for SOA Testing is to discuss the changes needed in all aspects of testing for SOA. For example, test case management, testing tool requirements and evaluation criteria, and the applicability of traditional testing techniques to new problems (e.g., governance) in this new application domain. The topic of security testing in a SOA context is exceptionally timely.


-It ensures that every page is tested, e-commerce transactions are validated and application is ready for customer use.

-The software’s Functionality, compatibility, security, performance and usability are checked

-Testing is crucial to e-commerce because e-commerce sites are both business critical and highly visible to their users;

-Yet the time pressures in the e-commerce world militate against the thorough testing usually associated with business criticality, so a new approach is needed to enable testing to be integrated into the development process and to ensure that testing does not present a significant time burden.

-Rapid Applications Development (RAD), in particular, suggests some promising approaches. -Like most new ventures, though, e-commerce must find its own way and establish its own methods

Cloud Computing Testing Services

-Support for complex apps: Applications are increasingly becoming dynamic, complex, distributed and component-based. In-house test environments are proving to be increasingly expensive and ineffective when handling these complexities.

-Improved test quality: Roughly 30% of defects are attributable to inaccurate configuration of test environments. Cloud-based testing service providers offer a standardized infrastructure and pre-configured software images that are capable of reducing such errors considerably.

-Time-to-market: Creating on-premise test environments can be time-consuming and cause project delays. With cloud-based testing, organizations no longer need to wait to buy and configure servers, or to license and install programs and testing tools.

-Real-time testing: Cloud-based test environments allow testing teams to analyze application performance and look for bottlenecks even while tests are running.

-Scalability: The cloud allows testers to quickly and easily scale from thousands to millions of concurrent users to assess an application's breaking points and capacity thresholds under highly unpredictable demand.

                       Big Data Testing Services

-Big data is a big topic these days, one that has made its way up to the C-suite. The CIO may not yet fully understand what big data is, exactly. But the CIO knows he or she needs a plan for how to use it.

-But now, big data is opening the door to the executive suite for a more hybrid analytical-creative method. The questions big data raises — okay, how do we use this data to grow our business?

— have an answer: broadly embrace testing and controlled experimentation as the new “operating system” of marketing.

-The answer is Big testing.

-Big data is like fuel. Big testing will be the engine that turns it into forward momentum.
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